April 2018

All our hopes for a fine Easter were dashed and once again we retreated into Winter mode with that wretched cold wind doing its best to destroy our early Spring.  It was not a good moment for passionate gardeners.  Now at last we have had two days of sunshine and the change to the garden has been extraordinary.  Magnolias which were barely in bud are in full bloom and we fear will go over sooner than usually would be the case.  However, they are such a joy that I am posting a few photographs to encourage our visitors.  We have had our first private visiting party and they enjoyed tea on the terrace with a barely a zephyr of a breeze.  There was still a good display of daffodils with bluebells and cowslips beginning to make their presence known.

Our earliest peony, Villosa, is breaking bud with its beautiful red pink flowers.  Even the Pawlonia has its first violet trumpets peeping through, perhaps a month earlier than usual.  This is the extraordinary Spring we are having.  Nonetheless there will be lovely things out for our first NGS Open Day on Monday 7th May, and a warm welcome awaits you.

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