NGS Garden Opening – Saturday 8th June, 12:30pm

I promised a number of people that I would write a blog to give some indication as to what will be flowering for our third NGS Garden Opening on Saturday, 8th June.  The irises this year are better than they have ever been before, as you will see from the pictures I am posting.  We have a better range of colours and forms following considerable investment over the last two to three years.  The roses are well on the way with Reve d’Or guarding the kitchen garden with a wonderful glow and scent.

A rarer form of yellow, Alister Stella Gray is giving it a run for its money.  Mrs Bide, City of York, Sombreuil and Zephirine Drouhin are also doing well in the kitchen garden walks.  The bush roses Mutabilis, Hansa and Dupontii are looking resplendent – so the answer to the question is that there is plenty out and we are sure you will have a very enjoyable day if you come to visit us.

The Village Fete is being held that afternoon and will be offering a barbecue from 12.00 noon and teas throughout the afternoon.  If you have a teddy bear, you can fly it from the top of the Church tower in our annual competition!  Do come and enjoy both the Fete and the garden.

With yesterday being the 75th anniversary of D-Day, it was very moving to watch a locally-owned Spitfire, dressed with the D-Day black bands fly over and then conduct the most beautiful loop the loop.  I don’t think the pilot will have seen my enthusiastic wave of encouragement and gratitude.  My earliest memories were of skies lit up with the flames of London burning.  Jenny’s father was One of The Few, which makes these experiences deeper and more personal.

A beautiful garden is one way of saying thank you to those who have enabled us to have it.

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